Hello from Borneo!

by (Osteopath & Exercise Scientist)

Days 1-5

After two flights, a few movies and some DF shopping for Lindt chocolate, I was greeted in Balikpapan, Borneo by one of the staff, Eman, and his big bright almost toothless grin. It was dark as we drove out of town for an hour or so to get to the lodge. It had been raining so the adventure began straight away as we slipped our way up the 4WD road with Eman and I laughing over the 4WD fun, and the fact that we pretty much couldn’t understand each other’s language.

 We arrived at the Eco Lodge where I am spending two weeks with some likeminded people helping to enrich the lives of the Orangutan’s and Sun Bears’s that call this sanctuary home. For some, I have learnt, it will be a permanent home sadly, but for most it is a temporary home while they are on their way to rehabilitation and release back to the wild.

 Our job for this two weeks; help the team wherever and however we can.

 Generally our day starts at 7am with an amazing Indonesian breakfast made by the staff. Work starts at 8am, and as we are all still in the read more »

Posture – a pivotal role in injury prevention

by (Physiotherapist & Clinical Pilates Instructor)

Posture – a pivotal role in injury prevention.

So many of us spend hours and hours sitting at a desk, so engrossed in our work that we forget about our bodies and what they are doing. We often start out with good intentions but as the day goes on we become more consumed with the work in front of us and these good intentions fly out the window. Often fatigue sets in and our shoulders will start to round, our upper back starts to slump and our chin pokes forward. This places unnecessary strain on the joints, muscles and ligaments of our back and neck and often leads to pain. Commonly this type of injury will gradually build up over time until we break the habit of poor posture.

**On the other hand it is also important not to sit too rigid and straight as this overloads the muscles of your back and neck also leading to injury. A fine balance is needed!



Picture Source (http://www.jennifergreentherapies.co.uk/images/uploads/health/posture.gif)

Some helpful tips to achieve good posture and prevent back or neck pain…

Place a lumbar support at your lower back. This will encourage an upright spine and aid a balanced … read more »