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Diabetes Education

Our Diabetes Educator is a specially trained nurse with qualifications, experience, and advanced knowledge in caring for people with Diabetes or at risk of developing Diabetes. The sessions are tailored to the patient’s needs, considering the type of Diabetes, comorbidities, health literacy, and much more.

A Diabetes Educator can help with;

  • Successful management of Type 1 AND Type 2
  • Diabetes for established and newly diagnosed patients
  • Insulin pump therapy; commencement, change, review & education
  • Insulin & medication commencement & review
  • Education on the administration of insulin
  • Insulin Titration


Diabetes in pregnancy including;

  • Pre-pregnancy planning
  • Post Natal Care
  • Gestational Diabetes


We also have Dietitians and Podiatrists on our team for a truly collaborative approach to your Diabetes care.