Unlock Sporting Excellence: 6 Vital Areas to Address in ACL Injury Recovery

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Your return to sport is a personal journey. Discuss aspirations with your support team, making your desired outcome the focal point of your tailored rehab program. Consistent goal-setting promotes motivation and comprehensive care.

2. Adjust Your Rehab Timeline

Rather than relying on the traditional 6-12-month timeline, current research recommends a minimum of 9 months, ensuring you meet all return-to-sport criteria to a high standard. Your recovery timeline is unique—take the time you need.

3. Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation

4. Tracking Your Progress

5. Assessment Of Movement Quality

6. Gradual Sports Reintegration

  1. Return to reduced team training without contact.
  2. Progress to team training with contact.
  3. Gradually enter friendly games (initially not playing the entire game).
  4. Embrace competitive games cautiously (initially not playing the entire game).

Burland et al. (2017), Dingenen, B., & Gokeler, A. (2017), DiFabio et al. (2018)

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Partnering with Professionals for Success

Dr. Verity Boyd

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