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Like Pilates, Yoga or Strength Training? In Pain or Injured? GER is for you!

What is GER? Group Exercise Rehabilitation is run through Stay Tuned Sports Medicine Elwood, where we believe one size does NOT fit all. Our GER classes are specially designed small group classes (with a maximum of four participants), in which people are led through a personalised program specific to their needs to ensure success!!

Programs include a combination of Pilates exercises on reformers, strength training using weights, stability training using Swiss Balls, Bosu, and foam rollers, and functional training using resistance bands, weighted balls, bodyweight work, and free weights.

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Osteopaths at Stay Tuned who teach GER

Our classes are run by highly supportive osteopaths and allied health professionals who are additionally qualified in Pilates, Stability Training and Assessment, Spinal Rehab, Perinatal Exercise and Functional Movement Training, and will guide you through ideal movement patterns for your body and your needs.  

Everyone starts with a personal assessment, which allows for the design of an individualised program, with reassessments every eight weeks to ensure safe, effective progressions.

How is it different to Pilates? 

Unlike traditional Pilates classes, GER focuses on targeting specific movement deficits using diverse exercise science protocols, supported by the latest research and evidence. Every person completes their own personalised plan at different paces, so it is not a “one size fits all” group class but a gathering of four individuals who complete their rehabilitation journeys with a trained Osteopath’s support and guidance. 

Osteo instructing an exercise

Who can benefit from GER?

We offer exercise rehabilitation programs for acute, sub-acute, and chronic medical conditions, injuries, disabilities, or those simply looking to improve their overall health and fitness.

Our programs address diverse needs and age groups, including individuals experiencing back and neck pain, whiplash, headaches, pelvic floor dysfunction, pre/post-natal conditioning, post-trauma/surgical rehabilitation, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and musculoskeletal injuries such as knee, hip, or shoulder issues.

Woman with back pain

Why choose group-based Rehabilitation?

Exercise is crucial for mood enhancement, weight management, disease prevention, injury recovery, and energy elevation. However, maintaining consistency, overcoming scheduling challenges, and combating boredom can be hurdles. Group exercise therapy offers a solution by fostering a supportive, social environment that boosts motivation and adherence to the program.

Exercising in a group setting cultivates camaraderie among participants facing similar challenges, fostering a sense of community and enhancing social support, vital for mental well-being during rehabilitation.

Furthermore, the supportive atmosphere and encouragement from peers and instructors make group exercises motivating and enjoyable. Group dynamics can ignite a friendly, competitive spirit, inspiring you to push your limits and achieve your fitness goals!

GER Class Demo

Can it fit in with your current exercise routine?

Each person’s program is designed considering their goals, lifestyle, motivation, and current exercise habits. Some participants attend once a week to complement their existing exercise and training plan. Others come multiple times weekly and use this as their only exercise regime.

Group Exercise Rehab at Stay Tuned is run multiple times a day between Monday and Saturday, with classes as early as 7 am and as late as 6:30 pm to allow people to attend around busy work schedules. 

GER and exercise routine

To start feeling stronger, jump online or call us today at 9531 0909. 

Stay well

Dr. Amy Welsh
Osteopath & Group Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor
B.Sc.(Cli.Sc.), M.H.Sc.(Osteo)

Dr. Amy Welsh

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