Foam rollers

Foam rollers are often prescribed at Stay Tuned to help patients self massage between treatments and reduce tightness after exercise.

Foam rollers help by releasing muscle tightness or trigger points. This aids in reducing muscular and connective tissue tightness to help you to recover faster from injury and from exercise to help you get back to optimal function!


General Guidelines: Complete rolling for 1-2 minutes for each side (if applicable). If a tender spot is found, it can be effective to stop rolling and continue to place pressure on the tender area for 30-45 secs.

Foam Roller Hamstrings1. Hamstrings

Place hamstrings on the roll with the hips unsupported.

Feet can be crossed to increase leverage.

Roll from knee toward posterior hip while keeping quadriceps tightened.



Foam Roller Quads2. Quadriceps

Position body with thighs on the foam roll, supported by your arms.

Maintain core control in this position (draw belly button towards spine & activate gluteals, this is to prevent aggravating lower back pain.)

Use the arms to roll from top of thighs to knee bone.



Foam Roller Pec Calf3. Calves

Place roller under the mid-calf and roll from ankle to base of knee.

To increase intensity, cross the opposite leg over the top off the other.

Slowly roll calf area to find the most tender spot, hold for 30-90 sec until the discomfort reduces.  Swap legs.



Foam Roller Piriformis4. Piriformis

Cross foot over knee.  Roll on the posterior hip area for several mins.

Slowly roll outside buttock area to find the most tender spot.  Hold for 30-90 sec until the discomfort reduces.

Swap legs.



Foam Roller ITB5. Iliotibial Band (ITB)

Position yourself side lying on the foam roller.

Bend the top leg over the top with the foot on the floor to take some of the body weight off.

Start from the outside of the knee and roll body up along foam roller to hip and return.



Foam Roller Pec Stretch6. Pectoral stretch – Chest Opener

To open chest and relax the spine.

Lay with head at one end and tailbone at other end of foam roller.

Open your arms wide and let knuckles rest on floor.  Rest this way for up to 2 minutes.


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