Listening To Your Body & The Benefits Of Running

Throughout September we have been exploring the theme, Run Well. No matter the experience level, we can all use a little advice on how to prevent common injuries and enjoy running longer and better while sustaining a healthy attitude towards our bodies. Tune in Casper Magazine’s Podcast to listen to Dr. Paul Hermann (Osteopath and […]

Why Sleep Matters

Casper Podcast founder Maria Ugrinovski and our very own Dr Paul Hermann chat with Dr Dan Ford, the founder of The Better Sleep Clinic, about the importance of sleep and why it matters. During their conversation, Paul and Maria discovered some fascinating things about sleeping habits, tips on getting better sleep and lots more valuable […]

Habits Made Simple

Our very own Dr. Paul Hermann – Osteopath, Exercise Scientist and Founder of Stay Tuned Sports Medicine has been featuring on Casper Magazine’s Podcast talking about one of his passions – Habits. In Part 1, Paul and Maria talk about what habits are, how they’re created and and how they can be altered. To listen […]