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5 Benefits of Early Morning Exercise

Most of us aren’t so crazy about exercising at the crack of dawn. However, there are multiple benefits to setting your alarm clock a bit earlier and kickstarting your fitness routine to the soundtrack of birds chirping and the sun rising.

Consistency in Your Exercise Routine

One of the most common hurdles to maintaining a regular exercise regimen is fitting it into our busy daily schedules. Life can get hectic, especially with the responsibilities of children, unpredictable work hours, or a spontaneous social life. Yet, committing to a morning workout significantly reduces the chances of unexpected disruptions.

You’re less likely to make excuses when you start your day with exercise, and you won’t be battling exhaustion from a long day at the office. Research even shows that people who exercise in the morning tend to stick to their fitness plans better than those who opt for evening workouts.

Brain Boosting Power

Exercise isn’t just about physical health; it profoundly impacts mental clarity.

Studies have proven that exercise enhances mental focus for up to ten hours after your workout. If you’re squeezing your exercise regimen into the evening after work, you might not be fully capitalising on those ten hours, as you’re likely asleep for most of them. An early morning workout means your brain and body are primed for peak daily performance.

Amplify Your Cardiovascular Impact

Are you hitting the pavement or treadmill to improve your heart health?

Working out in the morning can amplify the cardiovascular benefits of exercise. Here’s why: your body naturally awakens by increasing hormone levels, including adrenaline, which leads to a faster heart rate. Utilising this natural wake-up call with a morning workout can provide an extra boost to your heart health.

More Energy

Exercise releases feel-good compounds like endorphins, elevating your mood and energy levels.

The best part? This effect can linger well into the afternoon if you kickstart your day with a workout. Additionally, morning exercise can promote better sleep than evening workouts, as you won’t be grappling with an energy boost just as you’re trying to wind down for the night.

Better Weight Loss

If your fitness journey includes shedding a few kilograms, then morning workouts are tailor-made for you.

Early exercise has been linked to reduced food cravings throughout the day. Even more enticing, morning exercisers tend to experience enhanced calorie burn efficiency throughout the day. Pair that with a balanced diet, and you have a recipe for successful weight management.

Incorporating a morning workout routine into your life might require adjustments, but the rewards are undeniable. Not only will you enjoy a more consistent exercise schedule, increased mental clarity, and better cardiovascular health, but you’ll also find it easier to manage your weight and maintain high energy levels throughout the day.

So, set that alarm clock earlier and embrace the invigorating benefits of morning exercise. Your body and mind will thank you.

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Dr. Paul Hermann
Titled Advanced Sports Osteopath & Titled Advanced Exercise Rehab Osteopath & Sports Scientist, B.Sc.(Cli.Sc.), M.H.Sc.(Osteo), M.Ex.Sc(S&C), Member O.A.


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