Snow Season Prep

by (Osteopath & Exercise Scientist)

Now the days are shorter and nights cold, the author of this article is excited. Why? SNOW SEASON is here! And what a season it is so far!Snow Season Mt Buller

In this weather i believe there are very few better ways to spend a Sunday arvo than sitting in below zero temperatures as the lift whisks you to the top of the summit….like a small child eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa Clause, to race to the bottom, and then do it all again. The excitement is palpable …BUT this day should not come without preparation.

Some stats: In Victoria between 2004 and 2006 there were 1404 hospital treated injuries, 817 of these were hospital admissions and 587 emergency department presentations related to snowsports. A staggering 75% of all reported injuries were from falls. And for those snowboarders such as Paul …58% of them were you guys! (

So how do we reduce the likelihood of adding to these statistics and cutting our season short? Simple- preparation! By performing a set of specifically designed regular exercises and ensuring our bodies are in the best condition to tackle the tough terrain the mountain can throw at you.

Falls occur in everyday life but

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