Is your back pain foot related?

Could your back pain be associated with your feet? Our feet when we contact the ground begin a chain of movements throughout the body and play a major role in how we handle forces. Small undesirable deviations within the feet can affect how the knees, hips, pelvis and back move. Overtime these deviations can irritate […]

What makes a good shoe?

Footwear Footwear can play a vital role in preventing and managing injuries, as well as allow us to perform at our best. Whether it is for sport, walking, or using for work it is important you are wearing shoes that fit properly and support your feet. Poorly fitted footwear can lead to blisters and corns, […]

Diabetes and the foot

Diabetes is a condition in which the body’s method of converting glucose into energy is not working as it should; meaning the amount of glucose in the blood is elevated. There are two common types of diabetes being: Type 1, also known as insulin dependent diabetes. This usually affects children and young adults.  People with […]