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Remedial Massage Boronia

Remedial Massage Boronia Hands OnOur Remedial Massage Boronia Team have been trained in anatomy, massage therapy techniques, first aid, and CPR. They apply their massage techniques using the hands or other parts of the arm to positively affect the health and wellbeing of their clients.

What is a Remedial Massage Therapist?

Massage Therapy is one of the oldest forms of therapy known to man. It continues to grow in popularity because it is considered safe, effective and respects the body’s natural healing powers. Massage goes as far back in history as the existence of man. It is probably the oldest form of medical treatment and has been used throughout history.
In the 18th and 19th centuries massage grew in popularity in Europe under the influence of a Swede and thus ‘Swedish Massage’ was founded. By the end of the 19th century, massage was a popular form of medical treatment and was frequently used by eminent surgeons, cardiologists and physicians. During the First World War, massage was used extensively in the treatment of nerve injury and shell-shock.
A massage therapist can help on a physical, mental and emotional level.
Remedial Massage Boronia Therapy Hot RocksPhysical – Massage therapy is designed to stretch and loosen muscles, improve blood flow and the movement of lymph throughout the body, facilitate the removal of metabolic wastes resulting from exercise or inactivity, and increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissue. In addition, massage stimulates the release of endorphins — the body’s natural painkiller — into the brain and nervous system.
Mental – Massage therapy provides a relaxed state of alertness, reduces mental stress and enhances capacity for calm thinking and creativity.
Emotional – Massage therapy satisfies the need for caring and nurturing touch, creates a feeling of well-being and reduces anxiety levels.

During your consultation

Your relaxation starts as you enter our Boronia clinic and sit down in a relaxing environment to complete a brief questionnaire. An initial consultation will then involve a brief discussion with your therapist regarding your needs, desires and any relevant medical history to ensure safety before commencing your treatment. Your aches and pains will then be eased away as you relax in the quiet surroundings of our clinical rooms.

 No Need For a Referral

A doctor’s referral is not necessary to see our Remedial Massage Therapists, unless it is a workcover claim in which a GP referral and prior written approval is needed from your insurance company.

Remedial Massage near me – Our Location

Our Boronia clinic is located inside Knox Leisureworks on Tormore Road. Our amazing clients travel from surrounding areas in Knox such as Wantirna, Ringwood, Bayswater, Rowville, Kilsyth and Ferntree Gully, just to name a few!
Remedial Massage Near Me
Boronia Wellness Centre
Knox Leisureworks Medical Suites
Tormore Road, Boronia 3155 VIC
Phone: +61 3 97629478


Directions to our Remedial Massage Boronia Therapy Team

Our Boronia Wellness Centre is conveniently located inside Knox Leisureworks. With amazing car park availability, disabled access and a range of facilities including the gym, Clinical Pilates studio and hydrotherapy pool, Stay Tuned Sports Medicine is set up to provide a full healthcare service.
We are easily accessible via public transport if required with the Boronia train station just around the corner or make use of bus lines 737, 745 or 753.
On your arrival, let the YMCA reception staff know you are on your way to see your Stay Tuned practitioner and they’ll buzz you through. Try to resist the café as you head left towards our friendly reception.



Remedial Massage Boronia Opening Hours

We understand you have commitments throughout the day therefore we offer flexible times that can meet your needs from 7am to 9pm, see our practitioner hours or call our Boronia Wellness Centre to find a time that is suitable to your needs +61 3 9762 9478

Monday7am – 9pm
Tuesday7am – 9pm
Wednesday7am – 9pm
Thursday7am – 9pm
Friday7am – 7pm
Saturday8am – 2pm

What Will it Cost?

Remedial Massage services are generally rebatable under all higher tables of private health insurance. Our therapists are also covered for Workcover claims where prior approval has been sought, however there may be a GAP payment still to be made. Please discuss this with reception when booking.