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Steven Resic - Osteopath & Clinical Pilates Instructor

B.HSc., B.App.Sc. (Osteopathy), Member OA

Steve has always wanted to be in the health & fitness industry. A physically active person his entire life, Steve played lots of sport when he was younger including basketball, football, athletics, boxing and tennis. With the inevitable injuries and strains that come with being active, he found that rehab and manual therapy were the only things that helped him successfully return to the sports he loves. Originally Steve was studying to become a Paramedic but after his first year he decided to transfer into Osteopathy, because it encompassed his passions for health, fitness and manual therapy. He learned that Osteopathy provided a complete holistic approach to each patient looking for the cause of the injury and not just treating the pain or symptoms. Steve loves the challenge of problem solving and getting his patients out of pain and back to performing specific movements, whether that be in day-to-day life or a sporting pursuit. He has extensive experience in rehabilitation at all levels and a keen interest in treating injuries for the fastest possible recovery. Steve will treat every patient dependent on their individual needs. He will incorporate functional rehabilitation exercises, and stretches for you to do at home, specific to each injury. Aside from work Steve still leads an active life, enjoying running and time at the gym, and has a strong passion for nutrition and diet as well as the biomechanics of the human body. “Every Body Deserves to Feel Good”

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