How Do You Choose The Right School Shoes For Your Child?

As the new school year begins, you may have a look at your children’s school shoes and realise they are either worn out, too small or both.  Our kids spend most of their days in their school shoes; therefore, getting supportive footwear, having a good fit, and suiting their needs is very important.  Here are […]

Don’t ignore heel pain in young athletes.

Is your young sports star suffering heel pain? Let me tell you, they are not alone. Heel pain in young growing active individuals is usually due to a condition medically known as “Severs Disease”. Although it sounds quite dramatic it is very common benign condition affecting active (boys usually) between the ages of 8 – […]

Diabetes and the foot

Diabetes is a condition in which the body’s method of converting glucose into energy is not working as it should; meaning the amount of glucose in the blood is elevated. There are two common types of diabetes being: Type 1, also known as insulin dependent diabetes. This usually affects children and young adults.  People with […]

Things to consider when buying a Footy boot

Footy season is just starting up and many people will be looking at buying new boot. This selection can be a difficult and frustrating process and as you will be aware conditioning of the body is important when preventing injuries. What you may not know is the importance of footwear and lower limb biomechanics in […]

Biomechanics of Barefoot Running

The complex issues that surround barefoot running For experienced and dedicated runners the barefoot running debate has prompted a lot of discussion. These discussions center around the benefits and risks associated with this new technique. My definition of bare foot running is: to run barefoot or in a device that provides no support, heel counter […]

Shin Splints

Shin Splints is a common term for medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS). It is an injury caused by overuse and ‘doing too much too soon’. MTSS is the inflammation of the periosteum of the tibia (the sheath surrounding the bone). Individuals doing high impact activities such as running, jumping, netball and football are more prone […]