Nutrition for Immunity

With COVID cases spiking, many of us are thinking about making sure that our immune system is as healthy as possible. There are, unfortunately, no miracle foods or supplements that can improve your immune system; however, there are a few things you can do to support a healthy immune system: Eat enough fruit and veg […]

Managing Stress During COVID


One constant during the COVID-19 pandemic has been heightened stress levels. In a time of anguish, isolation, grief, economic insecurity, and prolonged uncertainty, it is normal to be anxious, but we need to take steps to ensure we don’t become panicked. So, how can we regulate stress effectively? Create Routines, Rituals, And Boundaries Routines to […]

COVID-19: 1 Year On

Pychology FAQ

Wow what a year and what a COVID time warp! In some ways it seems like just yesterday, and in others it has been the longest year in our history. March 23rd 2020 we were standing outside the Knox Leisureworks car park after we had just closed up our Boronia clinic (it’s located inside a health/fitness […]