The Stay Tuned Dietitian Boronia team works with clients to develop healthy beliefs and knowledge regarding food and lifestyle choices. Nutrition is about the food people consume and the value of those foods for our body. Our Dietetic Boronia team are accredited with the Dietitians Association of Australia making them Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APD).

With so many “dieting fads” out there is can be hard to know what advise is best to follow. If following the simple diet tricks and tips you hear are so easy, why is over half our nation overweight? By speaking to our Boronia APD’s, you get the advise you need which is designed for your body and needs.

How will the Stay Tuned Dietitian Boronia help?

The Dietitian will assist you to makes small but achievable changes in your diet. Everyone spends their day differently therefore needs different types of energy out of their food.

The Boronia Dietitian will assess your daily food intake, along with water, alcohol, snacks and how you use that energy. They will then be able to see patterns and deliver advice specialized to you.

On top of that, as the Stay Tuned Dietetics Boronia team is university qualified, they are able to assist you with managing health conditions. These conditions may include;

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Diverticulitis
  • Food Allergies
  • Food Intolerance
  • Low Iron
  • Weight Loss
  • Sports Nutrition

Is the Stay Tuned Dietitian Boronia right for me?

When seeing an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, you know they have scientifically developed treatment strategies to assist you with your needs. They understand the affect that nutrients have on your body and how you might react to different variations of the same food.

Some fad diets can be very harmful. Our Dietetic Boronia team will develop a plan that is safe for your body and sustainable in the long term.

Regardless of your condition, current diet or knowledge of food, our Boronia Dietitians can help you achieve your goals and better health.

In addition, both of our Boronia Dietitians are qualified in Sports Nutrition. This is a very valuable service to athletes and coaches alike. By fueling the body appropriately, performance can be enhanced, recovery shortened and injury prevention improved.

What to expect from your Boronia Dietitian?

Everyone has a different experience when visiting our Stay tuned Dietetic Boronia team. Some clients receive a meal plan, while other clients may be recommended to take supplements or meal replacement strategies. The Dietitian will tailor the treatment depending on what your goals are.

This is what makes our Dietetic Boronia team so great. Each client receives evidence based individual treatment that suits your lifestyle and needs. They will also implement the program in a sustainable way so you are not overwhelmed with multiple changes at once.

For more details about seeing a Dietitian click the link below.

Stay Tuned Sports Medicine Nutrition

Meet our Dietitians Boronia Team


Dietitian Boronia CassieCassandra Stuchbery — Dietitian & Sports Dietitian

B.Nutr & Diet., A.P.D. AN

Read more about Cassandra here

Dietitian Boronia Emma

Emma Morris — Dietitian & Sports Dietitian

B.App.Sc. (Health Sc), B.Nutr & Diet, A.P.D.

Read more about Emma here


Referral requirements

Seeing our Dietetic Boronia team does not require a referral. You can attend the clinic as a private client.
To receive a Medicare rebate, you will require a GP referral under a care plan.
DVA, TAC, Worksafe and other government based sessions require a referral.

What will it cost?

Initial consultations take between 45 and 60 minutes and start at $85.
Subsequent consultations are 30 minutes and start at $75.

Out of pocket cost varies on your Dietitian and length of consultation.

See Dietetics Boronia Fee Schedule here

Are rebates available for the Boronia Dietitian?

Yes, Medicare rebates are available with a GP referral. Some private health funds may fund sessions with a nutritionist or Dietitian. As each fund is individual, it is best to check if you are covered. Rebates vary depending on your fund and level of cover.

DVA, Worksafe and other government funding are available for Dietetics. You will require a referral and approval from a case manager to receive funding for these sessions.

Where are the Boronia Dietitians located?

Our Dietitian Boronia services are located inside Knox Leisureworks on Tormore Road. Our amazing clients travel from surrounding areas in Knox such as Wantirna, Ringwood, Bayswater, Rowville, Kilsyth and Ferntree Gully, just to name a few!

Boronia Wellness Centre
Knox Leisureworks Medical Suits
Tormore Road, Boronia 3155 VIC
Phone: +61 3 97629478

Our Boronia Wellness Centre is conveniently located inside Knox Leisureworks. With amazing car park availability, disabled access and a range of facilities including the gym, Clinical Pilates studio and hydrotherapy pool, Stay Tuned is set up to provide a full healthcare service.

We are easily accessible via public transport if required with the Boronia train station just around the corner or make use of bus 737, 745 or 753.

On your arrival, let the YMCA reception staff know you are on your way to see your Stay Tuned practitioner and they’ll buzz you through. Try to resist the café as you head left towards our friendly reception.

Opening Hours

We understand you have commitments throughout the day therefore we offer flexible times that can meet your needs from 7am to 9pm, see our practitioner hours or call our Dietitian Boronia Services to find a time that is suitable to your needs +61 3 97629478

Monday 7am – 9pm
Tuesday 7am – 9pm
Wednesday 7am – 9pm
Thursday 7am – 9pm
Friday 7am – 7pm
Saturday 8am – 2pm
Sunday Closed

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