Rest and Recover Massage

Rest and Recover Massage

by Emma Clayton – Myotherapist

‘Rest and Recover’ (RNR) is a specific Oncology Remedial massage for patients undertaking Oncology treatments. This type of massage is used to help with symptoms often experienced by patients undertaking Oncology treatment. ‘Rest and Recover’ is a treatment that give a sense of placidity to the client. This enables the client to give back to themselves which can lead to relaxed state of mind, health and strength.

What is Oncology Massage?

Oncology ‘RNR’ Massage is a technique specific for clients being treated for cancer. Therapists that are trained in this treatment have undertaken additional training with hands on experience. This ensures that they are practicing in the safest manner tailored to these clients. The massage is a very light, gentle touch. This touch may be beneficial to the patient, and a positive part of their treatment. The use of RNR for patients previously or currently undertaking Oncology treatment may help relieve aches and pains, help with symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as help with fatigue and nausea associated with oncology treatments.

What to expect within a RNR massage consultation?

It is important that your therapist obtains a full health history so a medical history form will be sent to you on booking an appointment. The therapist will also ask some more specific questions in person at your consult to ensure safety. We highly recommend bringing a friend/family or care- giver with you to treatments to ensure you are most comfortable.

How long are the treatments?

Treatments will initially be 60 minutes. Follow up consultations may be shorter as required. Session durations will vary upon how the patient is feeling on the day. Trained therapists are able to determine the correct treatment time.

Are Private Health Rebates available?

Private health rebates may be available, so please check with your health fund. Contact the clinic for more information and bookings or book online.


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