Welcome Alice, our new Dietitian in Elwood

by (Osteopath & Exercise Scientist)

We have a new Dietitian in Elwood and she is ready to make a huge difference in the lives of our clients!

Alice has a bachelor of Public Health (Nutrition and Dietetics) from the Queensland University of Technology and a Certificate III and IV in Fitness, the ‘double whammy’!

Alice’s specialties include weight management, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, food intolerances, bowel health and general nutrition advice for good health or particular life stages.

Alice’s greatest strength with her clients is having the understanding that life is all about balance.  Food can be a source of enjoyment, health or disease depending on this balance.

Alice will help you achieve your health and nutrition goals in a fun, individualised, practical and effective way.

To make an appointment with Alice, call reception on (03) 9531 0909. Click here to check availability.

by (Osteopath & Exercise Scientist) on 3rd April 2014 |

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