Updates on our adopted fury friends

by (Osteopath & Exercise Scientist)

Our beautiful and energetic fury friends are getting big and strong!! Stay Tuned have adopted three Orangutans and Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia do incredible work to secure their survival and happiness.

Here are their individual updates:

Dodo: 7-8years old, weighs 28kgs

Dodo is a very cheeky fellow and has many tricks up his sleeve when it comes to feeding time. Politeness isn’t his strong point – he often steals his friend’s fruit before finishing his own.

During class at Forest School, instead of finessing his climbing and fruit finding skills, Dodo sneaks off with his best friends, Raymond and Derek, to steal an opportunity to play on the ground and wrestle.

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Nita: 8-8.5yrs old, weighs 31kgs

Nita’s in top condition, has a very healthy appetite and loves the various kinds of fruit provided by the babysitters.

Lately, she’s become quite a rebel. She refuses to be walked back home to her enclosure, preferring to stay at Forest School and spend the night there. No matter what the babysitters do, she always finds a way to run away from them and go back to the forest so bringing her back from school is always a challenge.

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Miko: 4 years old, weighs 19.5kgs

Miko is a very outgoing orangutan and loves to play with everyone. He’s so confident he’ll even play with orangutans that are much larger than him. When he gets tired of playing, Miko approaches the babysitters nearby.

He usually asks for a banana and wants to see the babysitter’s basket, which isn’t allowed. The babysitter will usually give him branches and leaves to play with to distract him from the basket. Miko loves them; he slaps them on the ground, bites into them and then finally sits on them.

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If you would like more information on BOS or how you can help, visit their website and see what an amazing job this organisation does to ensure the survival of these amazing animals.

by (Osteopath & Exercise Scientist) on 27th November 2014 |

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