Healthy lunches for busy people

Want to earn an extra $1000 a year and get healthy? Simply avoid expensive work lunch takeaways and pack your own! Replacing a cafe bought roll or takeaway pie can save you around $22.50 a week, or $1080 a year – holiday anyone?

Packing a nutritious lunch every day not only saves money, it also ensures that you get all the nutrients and energy you need and to get you through the afternoon, without the 3pm snack attack! It is also much easier to eat healthy when you are in control of your ingredients and portion size.

At Stay Tuned Corporate Health, our qualified Dietitians can guide your staff to a healthier life! We offer many seminars, including Healthy Lunches on the Run, Creating Healthy Habits and Christmas Cheer not Christmas Kilos. All seminars are 1hr in length and offer plenty of time for questions and discussion. For only $450 you can help improve the health and wellbeing of your staff!

For more information, visit our Nutrition services page, or contact us for details.

More from our Dietitian, Jess MacPaphie

‘But I don’t have time to prepare my lunch in the morning’ you say? How about engaging in a little planning and try pre-packing it the night before, taking leftovers from dinner, or cooking a batch of meals on the weekend (such as soup, bolognese or casserole) and freeze in containers. Take a container every morning and it will defrost in the fridge or keep a batch in the freezer at work.

Another idea is to stock your workstation and kitchen with a week of supplies so that you can quickly whip up a healthy creation while at work. Bring whole ingredients in a container and prepare (grate, slice, peel) fresh each day. Or, prepare at home and store in individual air-tight containers.

No fridge at work? Keep things cold with a frozen bottle of water in an insulated bag.Yoghurt can be frozen and will slowly thaw during the day.

No Microwave? If your work kitchen doesn’t have a microwave, use a thermos. They work for liquids and meals.

It can also be helpful to keep your desk drawer filled with snacks like nuts and dried fruit to help avoid vending machine temptation.

Ideas to get you started:

Soup and sandwich
Dinner leftovers
Chicken/beef/tuna/lentil salad
Toasted sandwiches and melts
Sandwich/wrap/roll/crackers with a variety of fillings
Quiche and salad
Mini pizza muffins (cheese, ham and tomato)


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