Wet Weather Workout

by (Osteopath & Exercise Scientist)

rain-455124_1920I know I’m not the only one to hit a wall when it comes to keeping active during winter and spring rain. It’s cold and wet and all my usual workout habits go out the frosted window.

Fortunately, I have some sneaky little inside workout tips to share.

Tip #1- High intensity: Doing a higher intensity workout not only warms you up, but it’s shorter duration and has AMAZING health benefits.

Tip #2- Use the inside of your house or workplace: Steps are great, you can run up and down, do push-ups, dips, split squats, increase glute activation and SO much more. You can also use tinned food or milk bottles as free weights.

Tip #3- Your body is a gym: You can use your bodyweight to increase intensity just by adding a small jump or changing the vector (angle of your body) to increase or decrease the resistance. Not into physics? Let me explain that one. Try doing a push up against a wall, then against the edge of the bench top, then the floor, then with your feet up on a chair. Pick a level that’s challenging but won’t end in a face plant!

plank-1327256_1280Tip #4- Core work is exercise! Its exercise we tend to neglect. Help yourself out; a strong core protects the spine, enhances movement and holds us upright. It also takes minimal space and equipment to get a good session in.

by (Osteopath & Exercise Scientist) on 24th August 2016 |

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