The importance of Ergonomics

by (Osteopath & Exercise Scientist)

Did you know that sitting with poor posture can put the equivalent of 17 atmospheres of pressure through your lower back and is rated as one of the most common aggravating factors to lower back pain. It is also thought that sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause lower back, neck and pelvic pain. And headaches!! So why can something so safe and simple be so harmful?

Our spines are designed to absorb force and be mobile. Prolonged sitting can cause us to ‘slouch’ and makes our spines become static producing tight muscles and stiff joints. Unfortunately in our modern lives we spend a lot of time sitting. First we sit in the car or on the train to go to work, then we sit at the computer all day, then we go and sit in the car or train again to go home again before we sit down for dinner. After all that, we are generally tired from all this sitting, so what do we do? Sit down to watch TV! No wonder lower back pain affects 80% of our population.

Sitting with poor posture also affects our breathing and can lower our concentration, energy levels and even make us grumpy. So what is good sitting posture? See below for a snap shot of a good desk set up and some things to try. We have also included an exercise for you to try at the desk to help keep your strong and improve your breathing.

Exercise to try at your desk: Bruggers Postural Break STSM

Remember like all exercises though, if it hurts or causes tingling, stop and seek the advice of your health practitioner. Otherwise, get up, go for a walk, drink some water and move your body. It will thank you for it.

If you are unsure whether your desk set up is correct, any one of our Osteopaths or Physiotherapists can do an ergonomic assessment with full report and suggestions for only $55. Ask your practitioner for more information or contact us.


by (Osteopath & Exercise Scientist) on 8th April 2014 |

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