Osteopathy Awareness Week 13th -18th April

by (Osteopath & Exercise Scientist)

Why do we need Osteopathic Awareness Week??  Because the first question often asked to an Osteopath is ‘What is Osteopathy?’

Osteopathy is often described as ‘a great mix of everything’ by patients who have experienced more than one allied health modality for the treatment of their musculoskeletal pain. In my experience, this is due to the feeling people gain when experiencing the whole body approach that Osteopaths employ when diagnosing, evaluating and forming a plan for the treatment of their patients’ health.

So how does this help you choose which modality will best assist you when you are in pain?

It is comforting and important to know when you see an Osteopath that your whole body is being considered during the evaluation and examination.  An Osteopath is using the knowledge they have gained from a five year university degree to take into account the way your body is functioning at the time of treatment to determine the reason for your pain; but equally as important they are also assessing the lifestyle habits that have brought your body to the condition that it is in at the time of treatment.

This ensures that an Osteopath, to the best of their ability, is providing you with a pathway to permanent better health in addition to a reduction in pain.

So… What do Osteopaths treat? Quite a lot really!! Osteopaths predominantly are seen for musculoskeletal conditions such as headaches, pain caused from sitting at a desk for long periods of time, sports injuries such as muscular strains and ligament sprains, lower back, neck, shoulder, knee and ankle pain as well as overuse injuries such as tennis elbow.  What is less known is the way that Osteopathy can be used to treat symptoms from other uncomfortable conditions such as chronic gastrointestinal disorders, asthma, and period pain and interestingly, how these might relate to musculoskeletal pain you may be experiencing at the same time.

Osteopaths treat more than you think and with varied techniques. What you will experience is a considered and safe approach from a thorough examination of your body.   Techniques will be chosen from an extensive bank of tools that an Osteopath uses such as soft tissue massage, active and passive stretching, joint articulation and manipulation, movement retraining as well as a program of targeted strengthening for you to follow to enhance healing times and get you back in action sooner.

Osteopathy is a fantastic medicine that is being embraced more and more excitedly.  Over 50,000 Australians see an Osteopath each week and this is growing rapidly as satisfied healthy people graduate from treatment and tell their friends and family to experience what Osteopaths have to offer their well-being.

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by (Osteopath & Exercise Scientist) on 15th April 2014 |

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