My time in Afghanistan

by (Osteopath)

I’m looking forward to coming home from Afghanistan in March. My time deployed to Afghanistan has been a great experience and a challenge. The role that I was part of with the Royal Australian Air Force was Flight Line Security, working 12 hour shifts doing security tasking’s, working closely with American, Belgian, Dane and British air forces.

boris 3Working closely with these forces has been a great cultural experience and occasionally frustrating with their different approaches to tasks. Even with our differences we had some interesting conversations and fun working those long hours.

During our down time there was plenty of opportunity for socialising and self-improvement to help pass the time and keep sane. The state of the art gym facilities were a great way to spend some time burning up extra energy and getting huge, not to mention the once a week social soccer game with the Belgians, Australia versus Belgian where they beat us every time.

It wasn’t long before it was well known among our crew that I was “the Australian Osteopath”. I ended up being the go-to-guy with any injuries, aches or pains. I did enjoy the challenge of treating the different injuries with the limited resources, including a proper treatment table. I did manage to successfully diagnose and treat a number of different conditions using makeshift equipment. I would have to say this was my favourite part of being here.

The challenges did lie in the fact that I was a long way away from home and locked in a bubble that was the airfield. In short I’m looking forward to returning home and seeing everyone again.

I’ll be returning to work in March so make sure you Stay Tuned for a return date and book in for treatment. Contact reception for details.

by (Osteopath) on 4th February 2014 |

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