How to Climb Mt Everest – a Guide to Goal Setting

by (Osteopath & Exercise Scientist)

Have you ever set yourself a goal that seemed too big the next day? For example, climbing Mt Everest. Seemed like a good idea at the time, right? And then when you felt puffed after walking up a hill it made you disheartened so you settled for a block of chocolate instead?

Well here’s a secret. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and NO ONE has climbed Mt Everest in a day either.

When setting goals the easiest thing to do is see the finish sign but not the road to get there. Knowing the path and which direction to take makes it a lot easier to stay on track.

Clichés aside, here are a few tips on how to climb your mountain. Make your goal SMART.
S – Specific. “To lose weight” could be 1 gram or 50kgs. What is it EXACTLY that you want to achieve?
M – Measurable. Numbers, numbers, numbers!! How many times a week? How far? A great idea is to use different scales to measure how you feel. For example, after a run I feel 8/10 tired. Record it somewhere and be sure you check back and reflect on your progress!
A – Achievable. Small steps! Climbing 100m up Everest every week is a lot more achievable than the whole mountain in a day. Tick off the small goals to reach the big one.S - M - A - R - T
R– Realistic. Will you really climb Everest? Or get bored half way up? Be honest with yourself. Find something you know you want to do and can do with a bit of effort.

T– Time Frame.  Keep yourself accountable. Give yourself enough time to complete your goal. 1 day to run 50km is tough but if you give yourself a week it doesn’t seem as bad. But if you gave a month to do it, IT’S TOO EASY! Find the right balance.

The last little tip is never stop reaching for the next mountain! Completing the 5km fun run felt great! Why go back to old habits just because you ticked off that goal? Try for 10km. Don’t stop!

Or if going further isn’t really what you want… So you lost 10kg and reached your dream weight. What now? A good way to set an ongoing goal is to use the phrase; “My goal is to maintain_________________”. It might mean maintaining your dream weight, maintaining exercising 3 times a week or to maintain not smoking a cigarette.

So remember to be SMART, don’t stop and always maintain your hard work!

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