Are you doing enough exercise?

by (Osteopath & Exercise Scientist)

Last week Sports Medicine Australia released new physical activity guidelines for Australian adults which saw the previous recommended amount of activity per week of 150 minutes double to the new recommendations of between 150- 300 minutes.

The current international guidelines still stand at 150 minutes with Australia leading the way in a call to get more adults active. Sports Medicine Australia said the new guidelines are a wake up call for Australian adults as obesity levels continue to rise.

Exercise provides numerous benefits and it’s important to understand these new guidelines are not suggesting you have to be at the gym for an hour everyday. It is about education around how you can fit physical activity into day to day life.

Small lifestyle modifications such as riding your bike to work or taking a walk during your lunch break are great ways to get you closer to the target. “I don’t have time” is often a common excuse for the average busy adult with hours spent at work also on the rise. However getting out there and active with the kids, friends and family allow for you to move without cutting into your social time- it’s a win win!

With these new guidelines in place its important to get educated on ways you can gradually increase your activity levels to ensure you are hitting the upper limit of the new recommendations.

by (Osteopath & Exercise Scientist) on 11th February 2014 |

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