A brief history of Pilates

by (Remedial Massage Therapist & Pilates Instructor)

Pilates BrookeDid you know Pilates was created by a man?

There is a common stigma around Pilates that it is centered on females, dancers and those individuals alike. It was in fact Joseph Pilates who was the creator of Pilates back in the 1920’s.
Joseph Pilates has a background in Swedish gymnastics, martial arts, body building, skiing and diving. One of Joseph’s first jobs was a self-defense instructor where he went on to train the police.
A few years later, during world war one, he designed some of the Pilates mat exercise that are still practiced today. It is thought that due to these exercises, none of his fellow mates fell sick with the influenza epidemic that killed thousands. These exercises are still practiced today due to positive impact on health and the body.

There is also a stigma that Pilates is easy as it doesn’t involve vigorous cardio or large weights. This is a myth! Pilates exercises focus on deep intrinsic muscles rather than large muscles that you see in the mirror. It tones and sculpts the body from the inside out, focusing on the 6 primary principles- concentration, control, centering, precision, flow and breathing. These principles in combination with a skilled practitioner to guide you through the process leads to long term health, pain free living.
As Joseph Pilates once said, “A few well designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence are worth hours of doing sloppy exercise or forced contortion”Pilates Reformer Brooke

Challenge yourself to a Clinical Pilates session today and see the benefits tomorrow.

Resources-‘Return to Life Through Contrology’ and “Your Health” by Joseph H Pilates and William John Miller

by (Remedial Massage Therapist & Pilates Instructor) on 21st May 2018 |

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