Hello, my name is Marie!

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Hello, My name is Marie.


You may have seen my name on the timetable teaching Yoga at Stay Tuned Elwood.
If you have met me you may have already noticed how passionate I am about Yoga as a whole.

How did your yoga journey begin?

My journey began by coincidence, always wanting to try yoga for fitness but never really getting there. One day my partner’s brother convinced me to come to one of his classes (where I signed up to that studio for a 2 week unlimited pass) from that class onwards I kept going back. Although my body was feeling better from the movement, it was my mind that was benefitting most. Eventually I woke up one day completely obsessed with yoga, that I decided to do a teacher training myself (the first of three), my intention wasn’t to teach but to get a better understanding of what was happening to me from the practice. From my training I realised I wanted to share my learnings with others and decided to teach yoga.


What did you find to be the best benefit of yoga initially?

From a young age I had poor stress management skills which lead to anxiety, what I began to notice with practicing yoga is that my mental health was benefitting from the movement, breath and allowing myself to relax.
I continued to practice regularly noticing changes in my body such as strength and flexibility, and honestly I’m not naturally flexible but the challenges gave me insight and determination to better myself in all ways.

What is your teaching style?

As a teacher, I teach from the heart and from what I have learnt to make myself better is my gift to help you find that magic of yoga too. My teaching style isn’t about getting that pose from Instagram and nailing it myself, my style is inclusive, mindful and safe. A lot of my training and love for yoga derives from safe alignment of the body in order to get out of the mind. Safe and strong alignment along with flexibility and a strong connection to the breath can help us off the mat in everyday situations. From just being conscious of our breath, we allow ourselves to check in with how we feel. From how we are sitting or standing, yoga allows us to be more mindful on our posture.


When do you teach?

If you resonate with my way of teaching, never come to a class before or just want to chat; you can find me Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. You never know, you might become yoga obsessed too. I hope to guide you through breath and movement so you can feel changes within too.

Do you have a favourite quote?

I’ll leave you one quote from the famous BKS Iyenger that rings true to me; “It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind”.

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