Creating Healthy Habits

Do you possess enough energy to perform at your best all day every day? Are you controlling your health or is your health in the hands of people around you?

In order to perform optimally, whether in the workplace or the home environment, good physical health is necessary. It is the foundation upon which all of one’s goals and dreams are made possible.

In this interactive ‘Creating Healthy Habits’ presentation Dr. Wells explores the various factors that make up a healthy lifestyle such as sleep, exercise, and social health.  He then outlines the change process involved in adopting new habits and details concrete strategies to help a person create their own set of healthy habits. Set yourself up for success today by adopting habits that allow you to perform at your best.

The Creating Healthy Habits seminar is one of many workshops available at Stay Tuned Corporate Health. Our seminars run between 45 and 60 minutes and allows for plenty of question time. You will not be disappointed with these informative and entertaining seminars.

Visit our service page to find out how else we can help you, or contact us to to book your next workshop.


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