Estelle Ihasz — Yoga Instructor


Estelle is a passionate and dedicated yoga teacher and practitioner. She strongly believes in the physical and emotional benefits that yoga brings to the mind, body and soul.

Having found an immense source of joy and resilience through her own practice, Estelle is dedicated to helping others find well being by teaching heart-warming and compassionate classes to people of all levels. With an academic background in visual arts and design, she aims to bring her creativity to the mat and teach mindful movement with safety, empathy and kindness.


In 2015 Estelle completed her Yoga Teacher Training with The Yoga Social and is registered with Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance. In 2016 she is furthering her yoga education through Yoga Australia-certified postgraduate and kids yoga teacher training. She has a special interest in how yoga and mindfulness can help heal children and adults from complex trauma.


Estelle works as a Yoga Instructor at our Elwood clinic.

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