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Growing up as a tall, pale, freckly red head certainly had it’s challenges for our Managing Director, Dr Paul Hermann. Kids can be very ‘imaginative’ when coming up with nicknames to call their classmates and friends especially those who stand out from the crowd.

Baby OrangutanNow as the director of a successful Health Service Company he is a little older and having embraced the inner ‘ranga’ inside, Paul wanted to help the  ‘rangas’ who can’t help themselves.

Our friends are the Orangutans of Borneo. It is estimated that there are only around 50,000 Orangutans left today and we are sadly losing between 3,000 and 5,000 every year currently. The main cause of this decline is a loss of habitat with over 80% of their forest being lost in the last 20 years.

The ‘Stay Tuned for a Ranga’ foundation raises vital funds which are donated to ‘Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS)‘ for projects that help protect, rehabilitate and release Orangutans back into the wild. And you can help.

Reaching OutA portion of your consult fees at our clinics go to adopting the Stay Tuned Ranga Orangutans.  Together we can support the Orangutan Protection Foundation and help them save our friends.

Stay Tuned is proud to be one of the adopted parents of three baby Orangutans named ‘Dodo’ (see picture above), Miko and Rita and you can as well. Click HERE to find out how you can adopt your own Orangutan.

If you want to know more about our upcoming social events, projects and fundraisers you can join our mailing list by clicking HERE.

We hope you help us to help our fellow Ranga friends.

Videos of our “kids”

Click on the image to see a video of each of our kids.



The Latest Updates:

Dodo Update

Miko Update

Nita Update
It costs $9450 to release on orangutan back into the wild and the goal for BOS Australia is to raise enough money to release 10 more orangutans this year. If you can help please visit our website now at to make a donation.”

“Chased through the night. Exposed and helpless. But the story of this mother and child ended happily as the amazing efforts of BOS Foundation to ensure their safety paid off, with the promise of a safe life in the KJ7 Forest, under the protection of RHOI for at least the next 60 years…” click here to read more

“This week Astrid, Monic, Tantri and Tarzan will be released back to their long awaited home in the forest, the Betikap region in Central Kalimantan. The first of many.

After spending some years in the care of Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Centre it is now time for these beautiful orangutans to be returned to freedom in a protected forest.” Read more about Tarzan here


To see the very cute Dodo again click this YouTube link.

When you have finished admiring your baby boy Dodo you can head over to BOS’ online shop and check out their brand new range of T shirts, available in both kids and adults sizes.

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